Rules & Regulations

General Rules & Information:

1.   50% deposit of Entries & Fees are due 5 months prior to venue date. Full payment must be received 12 weeks prior to venue date.

2.    Early Bird discount of 10% is applied when fees & entries are received by Monday October 2nd 2023.

3.    Fees are accepted through E transfer or by Stripe. 

4.    LNK Dance Competition reserves the right to cancel any competition or to add a day or adjust location if necessary.

5.     Dancers who work as teachers/choreographers and are paid through their studio may enter LNK Dance Competition and be awarded but are not eligible for overall awards. Dancers who are 19+ are also excluded from overall awards.

6.     Dancers may compete in the following dance genres:  Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Open, Musical Theatre, Song & Dance, Hip Hop, Acro, Cheer & Street Dance.  Any routine (other than acro or open) may have a maximum number of 4 acro tricks only.  This is any trick leaving the floor that requires hips over shoulders. A series of connecting skills ( a tumbling pass) is counted as one skill.  At the end of each regional event there will be a dance off for Mini, Junior, Teen & Senior groups and lines.  Judges will decide on dance off contenders by giving their first performance a standing ovation!  Solo winners in Mini, Junior, Teen & Senior categories are eligible to compete at our TOP DANCER CHAMPIONSHIP in Toronto - July 3-5, 2024!  **The Dance Off is dependent on the # of group entries in each age division.   

7.     Categories are as follows:  Novice (new to competition) Pre-Competitive (train less than 6 hours per week) , Competitive (has competed before), High School. Dancers who have competed in groups may still compete as a novice when performing a solo or duet/trio.  Novice groups must be 75% novice, duet/trios must be 50% novice.  Pre-Competitive routines must have 100% part time dancers only

8.      Overall awards are awarded for Novice, Pre-Competitive and Competitive categories in solo, duet/trio, group and lines. A soloist with multiple solos will receive their overall award based on their highest score. 

9.    Time limits:  Solo - 3 minutes maximum, Duet/Trio - 3 minutes maximum, Group/Lines - 4 minutes maximum, Extended Lines - 5 minutes maximum, Production - 15 minutes maximum (includes set up and take down). 

10. Studios needing to cancel an event must do so 12weeks prior to the event and are only entitled to a 50% refund. Refunds are not issued under any circumstances. In the event of an injury or emergency, a doctors note must be provided in order to receive a credit for an event the following year.

11. Any adjustments or modifications to an entry will result in a fee of $25 per entry change.

12. By entering LNK Dance Competition parents, choreographers, directors and dancers, give their permission to use their photos or videos in any advertisement.

13. Scoring for LNK Dance Competition is as follows:


Competitive                                Novice/Pre-Comp

High Silver - 84-86.99               High Silver - 80-84.99
Gold - 87-89.99                          Gold - 85-87.99
High Gold - 90-91.99                 High Gold - 88-89.99
Elite Gold - 92-94.99                 Elite Gold - 90-92.99
Outstanding - 95 +                    Outstanding - 93 +


Schedules are emailed to studios a minimum of 3 weeks prior to competition date.

Contact Info
(905) 399-3209