Rules & Regulations

General Rules & Information:

1.    Entries & fees for all venues of DANCEFEST must be received (full payment) by Friday,  January 10, 2020.
2.    Early Bird discount of 20% is applied when fees & entries are received by Friday,  November 15, 2019.
3.    Fees are accepted through E transfer or by studio cheque.  NSF cheques are subject to a $50 charge.
4.    DANCEFEST reserves the right to cancel any competition or to add a day if necessary.

* .   Small studio events may not enter more than 115 entries.  


    • Classifications

    1. NOVICE: First time competitor in that dance form.
    2. PRE-COMPETITIVE: Dancers train 6 hours or less per week.
    3. COMPETITIVE: Dancers train 6 hours or more per week.
    PRODUCTION - 10 minutes (including set up and take down)

    • Age Divisions

    Age division is calculated by adding all ages, dividing by the # of performers and the decimal dropped. Age is determined as of December 31st 2019.

    • Age Categories

    Mini Division - 5-8 years
    Junior Division - 9-12 years
    Teen Division - 13-15 years
    Senior Division - 16-18 years
    Adult Division - 19+

    • Dance Forms

    Jazz - Traditional jazz technique with performance & style. No more than 3 “over the head” acro tricks allowed.
    Ballet - Classical ballet with strong ballet technique. Ballet shoes required. No acro tricks allowed.
    Demi-Character Ballet - Portrayal of a story or character with ballet technique. Pointe - Ballet technique with pointe shoes.
    Lyrical - Combination of ballet and jazz technique. Dancers will interpret a story or character.
    Contemporary - Combination of lyrical, jazz & modern techniques.
    Modern - Interpretive movement using modern and contemporary techniques.
    Tap - Rhythm based technique with tap shoes. No pre-recorded tap sounds permitted.
    Song & Dance - Live singing and dance. Performer must provide their own equipment needed.
    Musical Theatre - Lip synching, character or story portrayal along with dance technique.
    Hip Hop - All forms of hip hop accepted including street style, break dance, krump etc.
    Acro - A combination of gymnastics and dance.
    Open - This category is for all forms of dance. If you have a routine with a few combinations of Dance styles it is advised to place it in open. Unlimited acro tricks are allowed.

    • Time Limits

    Solo - Maximum 3 minutes
    Duet/Trio - Maximum 3 minutes
    Groups/Lines - Maximum 4 minutes
    Extended Lines - Maximum 5 minutes

    • Music

    Music must be uploaded through Dancebug. Please have a USB or iPod format at competition for back up.

    • House Rules

    The use of photography and videography is not allowed. All photos and videos are done through Dancebug.
    Judges results are final and no one is to approach a judge at any time during the competition.
    Food & Drink is not permitted in certain theatres, please adhere to theatre rules.
    Only teachers/choreographers and studio Directors are allowed backstage.
    Poor behaviour by any studio/competitor may result in disqualification.
    Change rooms are to be left tidy and all garbage cleared out by the end of the competition.