Rules & Regulations

General Rules & Information:

1.    Entries & fees for all venues of DANCEFEST must be received (full payment) 10 weeks prior to venue date.

2.    Early Bird discount of 20% is applied when fees & entries are received by Friday, October 28, 2022.

3.    Fees are accepted through E transfer or by studio cheque.  E transfer to: If you are mailing a cheque please mail to: Dancefest Inc. -           19 Shelley Lane, Barrie, Ontario L4N 4W4 NSF cheques are subject to a $50 charge.  Cheques must be made out to: Dancefest Inc **There are no refunds for             entries once submitted. 

4.    DANCEFEST reserves the right to cancel any competition or to add a day if necessary. 

5.     Dancers who work as teachers/choreographers and are paid through their studio may enter Dancefest and be awarded but are not eligible for overall awards. 

6.     Dancers may compete in the following dance genres:  Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Open, Musical Theatre, Song & Dance, Hip Hop,                        Acro, Cheer & Street Dance.  Any routine (other than acro or open) may have a maximum number of 3 acro tricks only.  This is any trick leaving the floor and            going head over feet.  

7.     Categories are as follows:  Novice (new to competition) Pre-Competitive (train less than 8 hours per week) , Competitive (has competed before),                           High School. Dancers who have competed in groups may still compete as a novice when performing a solo or duet/trio.  Novice groups must be 75% novice, duet/trios must be 50% novice.  Pre-Competitive routines must have 100% part time dancers only. (less than 8 hrs. per week).

8.      Overall awards are awarded for Novice, Pre-Competitive and Competitive categories in solo, duet/trio, group and lines.

9.    Time limits:  Solo - 3 minutes maximum, Duet/Trio - 3 minutes maximum, Group/Lines - 4 minutes maximum, Extended Lines - 5 minutes maximum, Production - 10 minutes maximum (includes set up). 

 10.    Scoring for DANCEFEST is as follows:

Competitive                                Novice/Pre-Comp

High Silver - 84-86.99                 High Silver - 80-84.99
Gold - 87-89.99                             Gold - 85-87.99
High Gold - 90-91.99                  High Gold - 88-89.99
Elite Gold - 92-94.99                  Elite Gold - 90-92.99
Outstanding - 95 +                     Outstanding - 93 +